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Millet Wiki Uses and benefits Millet (Bajra) Wiki Uses, Benefits and Recipes for Blood Generation, Potency Increaser Puffed MilletAllah (Almighty God) has created and made a lot of crops, foods, herbs, plants, fruits, weeds and condiments or spices full of nutritious and medications for living things. Now it is up to mankind to find, trace, try, detect, extract and exploit for his foods, cereals and cure needs accordingly for safe and sound lifestyle.

What is Millet (Bajra)?

Millet is an autumnal crop with brown color and well-known food and cereal grade grain for humans. Seeds of millet are sown in the beginning of rainy season. Millet has long, large and conical ears. Millet by nature is cold in the first grade and is dry in the last of second grade. It is superior to cornice and cheena (A kind of con). In size, millet grain is smaller than maize particle. Millet has milk in raw form with sweet taste as well as culinary, nutritious and medicinal advantages for humankind in plenty.

Millet cereal proves best blood producer. If it is eaten after cooking millet along with ghee, natural fats or almond oil, it creates more and good blood. Crop millet flour helps correct the functions of human body. Millets hulled are faster digestible food grain than cornice with subtle quality. Millet bread consumption, as per medical experts, gives aphrodisiac/potency to waist, bestows strength to body and stomach if is used after complete dissolution. Furthermore, hulled millet improves and cures cold problems effectively.

Millet helps drive dampness and moisture away. It has certain effects of dryness and constipation in human body system as well with no disturbance level. Bread of millet remains more time in human stomach and goes ahead late. Millet recipe stops vomiting if it is used in batter-caudle and barley beverages. Millet crop has a specialty and property to cause facilitate women monthly blood flowing or discharging (Menses helper crop). It can bring abortion to early pregnancy too. Millet food grain helps remove stomach heaviness with no creation of rheumatism ever. It is a best bringer of thirst too.

Hulled millet use is diuretic and helps freely flow of urine. Puffed millet cereal is a source of protein and low fat based meal. Application of millet is best for people with loose body and dropsy if they require no dysentery. If you have cold wave headache, then warming with powder or flour of millet is useful. Besides this, warming with millet flour in any place of pain is always healing benefit. Body inflammation goes away with millet recipe use. Stomach and belly pain problem because of flatulence and gases are easily relieved by millet warmth. Warmth of millet in colic is useful.

Buttocks and piles related pains are also cured by millet powder warmth. It is also helpful in removing motion matters stuck in intestines. Embrocation of millet recipe along with vinegar helps dissolve swelling on body parts. Feeding millet with fresh milk to those who have more blood and evil moisture is extremely beneficial.

Millet hulled if is used excessively can also increase bilious levels and causes semen or sperm thin. Millet bread recipe repels phlegm from body areas. Continuous consumption of cooked form millet may cause swelling in body. Puffed millet cereal gives extra bonus to those with cold temperament. Millet recipe benefits profusely to those practice regular physical exercises and work hard. Millet recipes also help cure dog-bites.

GOOD LIFE, Sci-Tech - Posted by on January 28, 2012

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  • Vik Arggo

    Very rich bajra grains and lots of uses in medicine. But the most important and basic proper cultivation of this grain. I work in a lab and recently started to use grain moisture meter in-line. We did tests for different types of grain.