How to crack the Azure AZ-900 exam in 7 days – Part 2 [Understand core Azure services (30-35%)]

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    Describe some of the solutions available on Azure

    • Describe Internet of Things (IoT) and products that are available for IoT on Azure such as IoT Hub and IoT Central
    • Describe Big Data and Analytics and products that are available for Big Data and Analytics such as SQL Data Warehouse, HDInsight, and Azure Databricks
    • Describe Artificial Intelligence (AI) and products that are available for AI such as Azure Machine Learning Service and Studio
    • Describe Serverless computing and Azure products that are available for serverless computing such as Azure Functions, Logic Apps, and Event Grid
    • Describe DevOps solutions available on Azure such as Azure DevOps and Azure DevTest Labs
    • Describe the benefits and outcomes of using Azure solutions


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