How to crack the Azure AZ-900 exam in 7 days – Part 1 (Understand cloud concepts (15-20%))

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Click here for Syllabus
  • Describe the differences between public, private and hybrid cloud models
  • Describe public cloud describe private cloud
  • Describe hybrid cloud
  • Compare and contrast the three different cloud models


Public versus Private versus Hybrid

Public Cloud :- Azure is a public Cloud provider.

  • Advantages:-
    • PAY-GO Model (Pay-as-you-Go). Reasonable pricing
    • High scalability/agility 
    • No Hardware maintenance required.
  • Disadvantages
    • Can not manage hardware as per personal requirement
    • Do not apply project-specific security

Private cloud:- You create a cloud environment in your own datacentre.

  • Advantages:-
    • Keep any project-specific configuration
    • Control over security
  • Disadvantages:-
    • Initial CapEx costs
    • Need Expert to maintain hardware and software.

Hybrid Cloud:– Combines public and private clouds

  • Advantages:-
    • use out-of-date hardware or operating system.
    • Flexibility to run locally versus cloud
  • Disadvantages
    • more expensive
    • More complicated to set up and manage.


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