How to edit pdf file using MS Word

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We use multiple types of files e.g. pdf, MS word, MS excel, ppt etc. in our day to day life. A pdf file is a fixed-layout flat document, including the text, fonts, vector, graphics , images and other information needed to display it.

PDF file is a non-editable file by its nature. but sometimes we need to update the content of pdf file. There are several online pdf to word converter, but we need to upload our file into it and then the website converts the file. It is not safe because we don’t know what they will do with our file. the file may be a sensitive file also. Often this type of websites are blocked by the companies where we work.

There is a simple way to edit the pdf file using Microsoft word. Below are the steps :-

1 . Place the pdf file in a folder. Below image is the sample pdf file.

2. Type Word in start Menu.

3. Click the Word App.

4. Drag and Drop the pdf file to MS word file.

5. An massage will be pop-up

6. Click on OK

7. PDF document will open in the MS word document and now you can edit it.

8. Happy Editing 🙂


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